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Links to Dr. Liz's Audio Programs & Videos

* Dr. Liz on "Far Out Radio"

Dr. Liz is a regular guest on the "Far Out Radio" Internet Radio Program hosted by her good friend K. Scott Teeters. Happily, all shows are archived. Featured here are four of her programs, followed by an index to all the others.

To reach the entire archived program file, go to, click on Hosts Archives, and then click on Far Out Radio.

How Dr. Liz Got Started As An Animal Communicator & How Animals Benefit from Animal Communication
Dr. Liz discusses how she started her animal communication work and what the experience of “talking and listening” to animals is like for her plus how it benefits our animal friends.


How YOU Can Be A Better Animal Communicator
Dr. Liz discusses ways for all of us to begin understanding what our animal friends are thinking and feeling, as well as how to improve our communication.



Dr. Liz on Quantum Biofeedback Energy
Dr. Liz explains her unique and effective energy balancing biofeedback sessions for healthier, balanced living for people, animals, and situations.

Liz Severino on the Natural Use of Essential Oils for First-Aid and more..

In this program, we discuss ways of using essential oils for first-aid. Liz enjoys helping people use these wonderful oils and shares her tips and protocols from her popular First-Aid Using Essential Oils class.

Other archived programs are here. Use your browser's "find" facility on "Severino." OR, find the show you want below and use your browser's "find" facility on the DATE. For example, to listen to how Dr. Liz started out as an animal communicator, broadcast on 01-21-13, go to the link above and then put 01-21-13 in your "find"'ll get right to the program. Most programs are one hour (42 minutes actually minus commercials) although a few are two hours.

10-30-13 Amazing stories of dogs, cats, and a hippo saving the lives of people and other animals. Dr. Liz is an amazing story-teller and these shows are very well received.

10-09-13 Part II of Sniffer Dogs. Animals (mostly dogs) that use their senses of smell to help. In this program, Dr. Liz discusses animals sniffing out diseases.

09-16-13 Part I of Sniffer Dogs. Special working dogs that use their extraordinary sense of smell to help in a surprising number of unpredictable ways.

08-07-13 How to use energy to heal physical places suchs as houses and businesses and situations such as lawsuits and other conflicts.

07-25-13 Animals as Persons. The exciting implications and probable ramifications of India declaring dolphins as Non-Human Persons.

07-08-13 Prayer. Prayer in many cultures, prayer in our personal lives, and the healing power of prayer and the healing pray-er.

06-20-13 Shamanism. The oldest form of original spirtuality, shamanism is still practiced world-wide. Dr. Liz has facilitated shamanic journeys for almost two decades and she shares her experiences.

05-01-13 Pet Foods: How Safe Are They? History of the pet food industry, what some ingredients really are, how to be conscious when feeding our pets.

04-15-13 Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level, Dr. Liz's book which raises the question, "What if 'eating' holds much more possibility than 'just' to satisfy nutritional needs, and indeed, could actually raise our spirtual levels?"

04-04-13 Pet Foods: Recalls, Reading Labels, and more. The FDA's inaction on Jerky Treats and kudos to the state of New York for recalling them.

03-04-13 Animal Contracts. The nature of our agreements with our animal friends, how to establish them, how to maintain them, and how to change them.

02-18-13 Animal Communication. Quieting our minds to hear our animals better. How animals grieve. How to help our animals when they've lost a friend. Pipsqueak! the amazing talking parakeet who from his 800 word vocabulary creates his own English-language sentences in correct context.

Happy Listening!

If you want to be notified of when Dr. Liz is going to be on radio, go here to subscribe to her newsletter!


* Dr. Liz on Talk'N'Angels

Talk'N'Angels ... Live Radio Broadcast with Simultaneous Live Web-Cast. Dr. Liz talks about animal communication, receives calls from listeners from Florida to NJ, and leads everyone in a powerful prayer. Click here to listen to the MP3 of the show.


Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist
     Animal Communicator

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