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We have become extremely impressed with what pure essential oils, oil blends, and related products can do NATURALLY to enhance wellness for us, our animals, our situations, and the land. We have become very knowledgeable in the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for many hundreds of conditions and situations. Our "go to" oils include oils from the very best companies whom we've selected ourselves and whose products we've tested ourselves. We have a web-site devoted to one of the two primary esssential oils companies we use. To visit that web-site, click here. You will be leaving this web-site when you click on that link.

If you, your animals, or others whom you love have physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wellness issues, there is an excellent chance that using essential oils can enhance the levels of wellness. To schedule a session to discuss your needs, contact Dr. Liz.

Dr. Liz also now offers the emailed Dr. Liz Severino's Drop by Drop Newsletter: Using Our Little Bottles of Light, to interested readers.
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Dr. Liz says, "An extremely effective way accepted world-wide to use essential oils is to diffuse them."

Many people have asked Dr. Liz what diffuser she recommends. She's purchased and tested a number of them and now recommends the "Rainbow Lights" Diffuser.

"Although there are 'knock-off' diffusers that look like this one, this is the only one available that can do color and light therapy as well as diffusion therapy. It has 3 diffusion volume controls and 5 on/off settings for diffusion/no diffusion. It is also the only one that has a setting supporting ALL lights being off (great for sleeping at night!)," Dr. Liz says.

To watch Dr. Liz's video on how to use this diffuser via a YouTube link, click here.

To order the Rainbow Lights Diffusers, email us, we're out of stock and will be happy to give you a link to a friend who still has them!!!

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Drop by Drop:
Using Our Little Bottles of Light

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Drop by Drop: Using Our Little Bottles of Light

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Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

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