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Elizabeth SeverinoSpiritual Mentor, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Therapist, Animal Communicator

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"Dear Elizabeth: People who have had consultations with you from my referrals are very pleased with the quality of your work. I have great confidence in your integrity and competence. Love on the journey, Penelope."
-Penelope Smith, World-Renowned Animal Communication Pioneer, Author, and Spiritual Leader, Point Reyes, California

"Elizabeth's power is her peace."
-Ron Roth, Ph.D., Internationally Renowned Spiritual Healer, Best-Selling Author, and Teacher, La Salle, Illinois

"Animals and people gravitate to Dr. Liz. She leads with the Grace of her Spirit-directed mission. Her presence changes the atmosphere of a room. Indwelling of the Spirit manifests on the physical level of her helping people, animals, whoever, along their path for clarity and for healing."
-Paul Funfsinn, Co-Founder, Celebrating Life Ministries, La Salle, Illinois

"Elizabeth brings the Light. . . She is a Healer."
-Saint Rosita, A Living (Roman Catholic) Saint, Mexico City, Mexico

"For Liz: Blessings, dear Priestess, your presence was such a sweet well of wisdom, peace, and joy on our journey to the Bali Paradise."
-Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Therapist, & Workshop Leader, Boulder, Colorado

"Elizabeth has a Yiddishe Neshama. She is one of the most spiritually powerful women in the world. Her openness with Creator continues to grow unbounded."
-Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski, Crown Heights, New York

"A remarkable lady!"
-Connie Colla, NBC-TV

Elizabeth Severino, D.D., D.R.S.

Spiritual Mentor      Intuitive Counselor
     Energy Therapist      Animal Communicator

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