Deep Energy Healing Session for People


A one to two-hour combination Gentle QiGong and Comprehensive Biofeedback Session. Dr. Liz uses her extensive knowledge and depth of experience in many healing modalities to facilitate Distance Deep Energy Healing Sessions. She blends her own skill sets in the most ancient of healing arts with the most modern of high technologies, using evoked quantum biofeedback devices. She is a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist Certified through the National Biofeedback Certification Board. Very commonly during and after a session, energetic causations and suggested remedies and healing approaches present and these will be shared with you. All sessions include a Distance Gentle QiGong Healing.

“The wellness possibilities are almost endless with this approach!” delights Dr. Liz.

Initial sessions take about 2 hours and go deeply into sensing what’s so for the receiver. The results of the session include at a minimum, balancing the receiver’s energies, reducing stress, and strengthening the immune system. They also very frequently address and resolve specific issues before other interventions are needed. Initial sessions are a required first step in the Biofeedback process. Subsequent sessions are closer to an hour to an hour and a half. Receivers can be anywhere. For a complete description of what’s possible, go here.

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If you’re wondering about the differences between the Healing Sessions available through Dr. Liz, the Distance Gentle Qigong Healing Sessions are the first part of all Healing Sessions. The Deep Healing Sessions then go the extra and very comprehensive step of employing Biofeedback. The Biofeedback sensings and readings often can help pinpoint and inform on causations and suggest supportive remedies. Using the two types of session as part of an overall wellness program is often indicated.

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Initial Session – $395.00, Subsequent Sessions – $235.00

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