Holiday Telephone Intuitive Counseling, Mentoring, and/or QiGong Energy Healing Session Certificates


Celebrating the Joy of Giving

45 Minutes

One 45-minute Telephone Intuitive Healing, Mentoring, or Distance QiGong Energy Healing Session with Dr. Liz:
$150 USD
(REGULAR PRICE $175, a $25 savings!)

60 Minutes

One 60-minute telephone Intuitive Healing, Mentoring, or Distance QiGong Energy Healing Session with Dr. Liz:
$195 USD
(REGULAR PRICE $220, a $25 savings!)

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By far our most popular HOLIDAY OFFERING year after year . . . !!!

Every year starting around U.S. Thanksgiving time … a special season of gratitude and thanks … we GIVE BACK to YOUOUR LOYAL CLIENT-FRIENDS … by offering DISCOUNTS on the session prices of our most popular session times for PEOPLE:  45 minutes, and 60 minutes

Why do we do it … why do we offer to you to buy for less money, the same session you’d be likely buying anyway next year?

Because we believe in the energy of GRATITUDE … the energy of PAYING IT FORWARD.  In this way, we ALL can share in these very special energies.

The Certificates are offered to YOU, our Loyal Customers and Client-Friends, who know they will be using our services anyway in the upcoming calendar year.  We are saying THANK YOU to YOU, and helping you save on your session prices.

In this way, we ALL can share in the very special energies of thanks-giving in this season of love.


Who should purchase them?

YOU …. IF YOU KNOW you’ll be using Dr. Liz’s services in the UPCOMING CALENDAR YEAR


YES!!! You can buy Gift Sessions for YOURSELF!!!
YES!!! You can buy Gift Sessions to GIVE AS GIFTS to those you love!!!


Can I use them for any of Dr. Liz’s services?

You can use them for any service for People currently offered in 45 or 60-minute sessions. This means Intuitive Counseling Sessions, Mentoring, and Distance QiGong Energy Healing Sessions.


Can I redeem them at any time?

Pretty much, with the obvious consideration that the day and time need to be mutually convenient to Dr. Liz and you and/or your recipient(s).  There are two “rules”: One, you can only ask for session appointments beginning January 3, 2022.  Two, all certificates expire midnight September 30, 2022.


Is there a limit to the number of Discounted Session Certificates I can purchase?

There is no limit.


What will I receive?

YOU WILL RECEIVE a lovely emailed Gift Certificate which can be printed out, boxed, wrapped, and presented!!!  We personalize the From/To sections of all Certificates if you wish us to do so.


What will I save?

Usually from $20-$25 USD EACH on the session times of your choosing!!!

* A note from Dr. Liz: This page offering the Holiday Gratitude Discounted Gift prices will be up until midnight EST on 12/31/2021 unless I get in too late to check emails and change the web-site that night in which case you have a grace day for ordering. LOL.

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