Pay Additional Fee

There are three popular reasons for using this option. First, if you and Dr. Liz agreed to extend your session beyond your scheduled time, you will have a balance due. Dr. Liz or a staffer will advise you of the exact amount.  You can pay this additional fee by entering the payable amount in the input box and clicking the “Buy Now” button!

Second, you can use this feature to enter a pay-it-forward gratuity to benefit someone less fortunate who is in need of Dr. Liz’s services.  Enter whatever amount you feel to give in the input box and then click the “Buy Now” button!

Third, if you and Dr. Liz have a spontaneous or emergent session and your session time doesn’t fit with one of our pre-planned established times of 30 , 45, or 60 minutes, you can enter your amount due here.  After entering the amount, click the “Buy Now” button!

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This product is used to enter free-form payment amounts not represented elsewhere on the web-site.

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