Reiki: The Healer’s Touch


Reiki: The Healer’s Touch

Large, Spiral-Bound, Sturdy, Lay-Flat Instructional Book with More Photos Than Any Other Book On This Topic!

Dr. Liz has been a teaching Reiki Master since the early 1990’s. Reiki is a gentle, hands-on energy healing technique taught simply and effectively in this book through clear explanations and almost 100 photographs, more photographs than any other Reiki book published. Another plus for this book, is that the indicated spiritual meaning of body issues in specific body areas is included. Yet another plus is the easy, lay-flat binding, so that you can have the book open (and it will stay open) while you are learning and doing the hand placements. Many teaching Reiki Masters around the world use this book as their Reiki Class text! This over 200 page, 8-1/2″ x 11″ book includes an introduction to Reiki, it’s history, opening hand positions, preparation for your self, preparation of the healing space, preparation of the client/receiver, hand positions for others lying on a table, others on a chair, your self, children, plants, & animals. Introduced in this book is Dr. Liz’s Reiki Heart Hug, now taught nationally and internationally.

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(Excerpted from the book)

How to Do the Reiki Heart Hug

  1. Choose your partner. Stand opposite one another, a few feet apart. Let your arms hang loosely at your sides. Stand straight, with your weight evenly balanced on both feet. Look lovingly and smiling at each other.
  2. Walk evenly towards each other. As you’re walking towards your partner, notice the approximate location of your partner’s heart (center left of the torso). “Aim” to connect with your partner’s torso so that your hearts are connected. Be alert to which “side” your partner is moving his or her head towards so that your heads fit without bumping.
  3. Embrace. Your torsos — your hearts — come completely together. Wrap your arms around your partner, as best as you can given your respective sizes, and place the palms of your hands, one above the other, on the back of your partner’s heart. The loving energy will start to flow immediately, because with this move you have created a very powerful healing energy circuit. The energy will “ping pong” back and forth, coursing happily and strongly, from the first partner’s heart, to the second partner’s heart, and then to the other partner’s palm energy centers, and back again!
  4. Feel it and enjoy it. Make wonderful noises of contentment and joy. Let the energy flow freely.
  5. When you sense it’s time, step backwards from each other. You may hold on to each other’s upper arms briefly if you like. Look appreciatively and gratefully into each other’s eyes, and say, “Thank you, that felt great!” or other words which occur for you. Expect to feel blissed out for a little while, because you will be.

Reiki Heart Hugs can also be done in groups. Form a circle. Let your heart energy beam to one another while your hands are placed on the backs of the hearts of the people on either side of you. An alternate method, also a great deal of fun, is to move happily around the room, giving Reiki Heart Hugs to everyone in your group!

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