Remote Energy Balancing and Biofeedback Session

Support your animal’s immune system, reduce stress, identify and release blockages, create higher levels of wellness

If you can afford to give your animal the very best energy sessions available, consider a Biofeedback Energy Balancing Session facilitated by Dr. Liz. In these sessions, Dr. Liz, who is a Certified Biofeedback Therapist/Specialist and an Ordained Spiritual Healer, uses multiple energy healing modalities along with extremely sophisticated energy equipment to reduce stress, support the immune system, detect and release blockages, and bring forth higher levels of wellness. For more information on what’s possible, click here.

First-time sessions for your animal take about one and a half hours. You can be with your animal and on a telephone with Dr. Liz during your animal’s session if you prefer although of course be respectful of the fact that sometimes there will be no talking while Dr. Liz is working on your animal. Most people prefer this for their first-time experience because it allows them to get many questions answered while also directly watching their animal’s response to the session. Subsequent sessions are one hour. Most people simply email to schedule their sessions for their animals, after which Dr. Liz will email results, but you can be on the telephone with Dr. Liz during these sessions as well if you prefer. The best way to use this healing offering is to have an initial session done for your animal and then do quarterly balancing sessions.

If your animal is very ill as you’re considering this for the first time, please know that more frequent sessions are highly advised.

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4×30-Min Quarterly Sessions $500.00 USD, 60-Min Session $210.00 USD, 90-Min (Initial Session) $250.00 USD

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