Gentle QiGong Healing for People


A Distance Gentle QiGong Healing Session for you or your chosen receiver. Dr. Liz uses Ancient Chinese Yin/Yang principles of detecting and unblocking blockages, opening channels, and balancing your energy field to strengthen your immune system and help you move into greater degrees of wellness. People report they always feel the energy, and always feel more peaceful, relaxed, and hopeful after. Email Dr. Liz your intent and your receiver’s name if not your own. Include a picture.

Dr. Liz loves to create personalized QiGong practice programs for people. When you or your chosen receiver feel the results of the session, if a custom practice program is desired, email her and ask!

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If you’re wondering about the differences between the Healing Sessions available through Dr. Liz, the Distance Gentle Qigong Healing Sessions are the first part of all Healing Sessions. The Deep Healing Sessions then go the extra and very comprehensive step of employing Biofeedback. The Biofeedback sensings and readings often can help pinpoint and inform on causations and suggest supportive remedies. Using the two types of session as part of an overall wellness program is often indicated.

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