Frequently Asked Questions

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication, as Dr. Liz does it, involves the energetic, gentle, and loving gifting of questions to an animal; the energetic receiving of return messages; and the compassionate translation of the animal’s response into spoken words for concerned and loving humans.  Animal Communication is often called “telepathic” communication because words need not be spoken and distances, large or small, are insignificant.

Has Dr. Liz always been able to Communicate with Animals?

Yes, she was born with the ability. She feels we all are.  Unlike most people, however, Dr. Liz received some major assists. Dr. Liz was given the Gift of Language.  She learns languages easily and currently speaks 16 natural languages with varying degrees of fluency.  She also speaks energetic languages, including the Language of Nature and the Animals, and very importantly, can read the energetics of the Language of Intent to Communicate. A second major assist was her Uncle Robert, a beautiful influence in her youth, who was a famous animal communicator and laying-on-of-hands healer long before those words were even in the common vocabulary. A third major assist is that Francis of Assisi became a real presence for her in her early childhood and continues as a life-long Guide for her.

The first hundred or so animals Dr. Liz communicated with when she started to serve as an animal communicator professionally all asked her, “What are you doing in human form?” One day they all started to “know.” She asked why and was told that because of her healing work with dolphins, the “word was out” on the animal etheric-net, a kind of telepathic animal Internet, world-wide in scope.

Why do it?

Overwhelmingly, the major reason to engage in an animal communication session is because you love your animal.  You feel you will enjoy and get something out of an animal communication session through Dr. Liz.  After that, there are numerous more specific reasons.  The categories include General Communications and Feelings, Behavior, Wellness and Healing, Emotions, Near End of Life, and In Spirit/Reincarnation.  You can see a list of the most frequently asked questions on the Animal Communication Page.

Dr. Liz reached out to several dozen of her best clients recently and asked them what they feel they get most from their animal communication sessions through her. They said the reason they continue to reach out to her, is because of the insight, knowledge, and understanding they receive; and, the level of peace they feel after.

How do the animals feel about it?

They love it and are deeply grateful for being listened to. People often report their animals’ behaviors noticeably and permanently change after one session. People report their animals are much more relaxed and peaceful after Dr. Liz has Voiced them.  If you are with your animal at the time of your session, you will see this yourself.

What animals does Dr. Liz talk to?

Dr. Liz as of this writing has facilitated over 66,000 sessions in 50 countries and on all 7 continents. Sessions have included dogs, cats, horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, deer, chipmunks, iguanas, birds, chinchillas, rabbits, spiders, ants, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, crickets, snakes including mamba’s, pythons, and boa constrictors, mice, rats, turtles, crabs, lions, tigers, hyenas, warthogs, wolves, skunks, and many more. She has helped with domestic animals, rescued domestic animals, utility animals, rescued utility animals, farm animals, rescued farm animals, wild animals, rescued wild animals, working animals, service animals and formerly wild animals now living in captivity. She also communicates with plants, fields, Alzheimer and Dementia Patients, and babies. She once volunteered as a medical intuitive in the respiratory unit of a local children’s hospital, where she was subsequently credited with saving babies’ lives. She spent many years volunteering for an Internet-based animal healing network (DHN for pets) which included hundreds of healers world-wide whose passion is praying for all animals. The founder of DHN’s predecessor healing network (Heal-a-Pet) called her “the best I’ve ever seen” distance animal healer and animal intuitive.

How do I prepare?

The best way to prepare for a session is to consider and write down your primary questions, issues, and concerns and desired communications for your animal friends. Then Contact Dr. Liz.

What am I likely to hear?

You will hear translated into spoken language, the energetics of your animals’ communications. You will hear your animals’ answers to your questions and your animals’ comments about situations, feelings, and much more. Translations, energy, attitude and mood, vary from animal to animal since animals’ personalities vary. What is translated and how it is translated always reflects your animals’ personality and voice, particularly its way of speaking. Vocabulary and even intonation change as Dr. Liz moves from animal to animal.

Where does it happen?

Anywhere, most commonly on the telephone, with Dr. Liz on one phone wherever she is, and you on another wherever you are.  Video calling using Skype, Messenger, or Facetime are also possible. In-person consultations can be available whenever Dr. Liz travels to different geographical areas.  In-person sessions are also available for persons wishing to travel to Dr. Liz’s exquisitely beautiful location in South Central Pennsylvania.

If you’re planning on an in-person session anywhere, bring with you, either your animal(s) or physical items containing your animal’s energy. Pictures, collars, bridles, leashes, tags, favorite toys, bedding, urns, and more, all work as assists in opening and strengthening the connection.

Does Dr. Liz speak with animals who have died?

Yes. The amount of time after physical death that an individual animal’s essence energy may need before being ready for connection often varies.  As preparation, you will identify and write down the questions, issues, concerns, and desired communications that you have for your beloved animal friend’s essence energy.  Dr. Liz also requests that you plan on spending 10 or so minutes before your scheduled consultation time to be in quiet prayer, contemplation, or meditation on your animal and your life together. This brings quiet silence to your heart and mind and enhances the connection.

Is there anything animals won’t say?

Animals can be reluctant to say things they feel will greatly upset their humans.  However, Dr. Liz knows how to keep everyone okay in such a situation. As soon as the animals sense that Dr. Liz will keep their person okay, they will speak their truth.  Some animals run behavior scams which they aren’t always willing to give up at first.  Sometimes animals simply don’t know an answer to a question about themselves or a situation.

Dr. Liz teaches that two Universal Laws apply here: One, animals almost always are required to tell the Truth. This means they always eventually admit a scam or speak their full Truth. Two, companion animals are wired for wholeness, harmony and cooperation. They almost always want to say what’s so with them and work with their humans to resolve the situation as best they can, for themselves and often for their humans when they feel their humans need help. Frequently they offer great suggestions!!!

Can Dr. Liz help find lost animals?

Dr. Liz offers a PDF book to help guide you in what works and what doesn’t work in bringing your lost animal home. She no longer has the time to do individual lost animal sessions.

Can anyone do animal communication?

Dr. Liz believes everyone is born with the ability. She feels the ability gets socialized out of people to varying degrees depending on a person’s country and culture of origin. She also believes that as all great prodigies need teachers & facilitators, so, too, with all of us born with intuitive abilities:  we need Guidance and Great Teachers. Dr. Liz helps people advance their intuitive abilities, remove the blockages to remembering, and flows the proper energy and procedures to talk to an animal and validly hear the responses. Her extensive background as a teacher and speaker and extensive experience as an energy healer help her raise students’ spiritual levels and openness perceptibly and demonstrably. Students learn proven methods to keep themselves open. Dr. Liz presents all the skills to receive information and to validate what is received. Students’ success depends on sustained openness and willingness to practice.  Contact Dr. Liz for more information on her Animal Communication Mentoring Program.

What does a session cost?

Session fees are set by the amount of time needed. Most first-time sessions take between 35-45 minutes, so this is the session length you’ll want to plan on if this is your first time working with Dr. Liz. Subsequent sessions when needed, either for the same or other animals, are usually either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes.

Appointments are scheduled in advance. Emergencies are given priority when possible.

It’s best to be clear, ahead of time, on the questions you’d like answered. You will be coached very effectively if you’ve never worked before with Dr. Liz.

Dr. Liz suggests that you first email her with your need and what you’d like to accomplish with your session.  Session fees are set by time needed.  When you present your initial concerns, it will be possible to determine the time needed and therefore your approximate session cost.

If you already know what you want to order, go here to Contact Dr. Liz.


“Elizabeth came to our veterinary hospital and prayed for one of our cats. We needed the cat’s hemoglobin level to go up. It did. We have the test results, before and after, to prove it.” – Dr. Bernie Spector

“On March 27th, I was able to confirm that Tabatha Cornell was suffering from chemical allergies. I was told this information by Tabatha’s owner, Karen Cornell, as reported to her by Elizabeth Severino. I took a hair sample from Tabatha, to verify this information, and prescribed two remedies to counter the allergic reaction.” – Dr. Deva Khalsa

“Tabatha Cornell had been “drooling” for days, and had received several treatments of subcutaneous fluids, prior to her visit with Dr. Khalsa. I notified Liz, that I was taking Tabatha to see Dr. Khalsa for an emergency visit. While I was on route to Dr. Khalsa’s, Liz called me on my car phone, and before I could finish saying hello, told me Tabatha said that the chemicals in my neighbors’ lawns were making her sick. I told Dr. Khalsa what Tabatha told Liz and Dr. Khalsa took a hair sample from Tabatha and sent her home with two remedies to help her detox. Within a few days, Tabatha’s drooling stopped.” – Karen Cornell

“She was wonderful. Absolutely understanding.” -Dr. Vincent Sollimo

“Liz positively blissed my dog out. I couldn’t believe the change. I am so grateful.” – Joanne Tanker, House-Wife

“I brought my bird to Liz, and she seemed to really understand him.” – Debbie Green, Animal Rescue Volunteer

“My horse, who’s 20 years old, threw me. I had a concussion, a broken back, and a scalp laceration and was in the hospital for six weeks. People told me to put him down. I love my horse. I was desperate. I called Liz. She came to my stable, talked to him, massaged him to balance his energy. In a few minutes, he trusted her. He stood very still, I’ve never seen him stand so still, as Liz worked with him. He hasn’t thrown me anymore. He needed me to stop being afraid of being thrown and to stop visualizing being thrown. Liz taught me how.” – Nancy Kennedy, Equestrienne

“Elizabeth’s touch seems to yield nirvana-like results.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Liz is a modern-day Dr. Doolittle.” – The Courier Post

“Dear Elizabeth: People who have had consultations with you from my referrals are very pleased with the quality of your work. I have great confidence in your integrity and competence. Love on the journey, Penelope.” – Penelope Smith, World-Renowned Animal Communicator

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