Dr. Liz is a highly trained and Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist. All sessions are designed to identify energy blockages and begin to gently release them, thereby stimulating the immune system, reducing stress, and helping to create higher levels of emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, along with peace and wellness for our animal friends.

In every session, Dr. Liz blends her extensive experience with ancient healing arts, her extraordinary background as a computer whiz, and her knowledge of current remedies and wellness approaches. Sessions are generally done at a distance, with animals in the comfort of their own habitats.

Initial sessions take about an hour and a half and go deeply into sensing what’s so for your beloved animal friend. The results of the session include at a minimum, balancing your animal’s energies, reducing stress, and strengthening the immune system. They also very frequently address and resolve specific issues before they may need other interventions.

Subsequent sessions are about an hour’s length.  They can be follow-up sessions in a week to 10 days from an initial session if an animal’s situation indicates it.  More commonly, care-persons like to schedule subsequent sessions on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly sessions for your animal give you the opportunity to balance your animal’s energies and strengthen its immune system. They give YOU the opportunity perhaps for the first time to have peace of mind that you are doing something BIG that is both comprehensive and conscious in the area of preventative wellness for your beloved animal friends!

A very popular use of Quarterly Sessions is to evaluate the overall effectiveness of supporting health or doing nothing, regarding the food and supplements they’re giving their animals or thinking about giving their animals.  Using the full power of remote biofeedback is very effective for this.  People say they feel such sessions give them peace of mind and also save them money because they then purchase for the next quarter, only foods and supplements they know are resonating well for their animal.

It’s a comfort to be able to deploy energetic intervention without either you or your animal leaving your premises!  And yet another comfort, is to unblock blockages before they develop into something more challenging to the immune system!

Contact Dr. Liz to schedule your animal’s session.

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