Dr. Liz has been helping people create personalized programs for their animals’ healing journey for over 30 years. She works with your animal’s diagnosis, or your veterinarian’s suspected diagnosis, listens carefully to what your animal says it is currently experiencing, and shares what she feels may be beneficial to your animal from her vast experience and deep well of knowledge.

Dr. Liz can help you make sense out of what your veterinarian is telling you.  She can connect with your animal to learn what your animal is saying and feeling and share that with you.  She can sense your animal before or after a session, for example, acupuncture, or chiropractic, or massage, or Reiki, to let you know if your animal feels the session through that specific practitioner helped, hurt, or did nothing.  She can sense what foods and supplements are resonating as beneficial to your animal.

Do you find yourself wondering what else is out there that might help your animal move forward more effectively towards health and healing now?  Are you looking for ideas of subtle and holistic vibrational energy products or sessions which could help you help your animal?

Sometimes Dr. Liz will suggest something she offers for animals, such as a Deep Healing Session or a Gentle QiGong Healing Session.  Very commonly, she’ll suggest you purchase certain holistic vibrational products and she’ll explain to you how to use them for your animal. Dr. Liz truly believes the old saying that if you give a person a fish, you’ve fed them for a day; if you teach a person how to fish, you’ve fed them for a lifetime. Dr. Liz wants to teach you, so that you know what to do.  In this way you can apply what you’re learning to your other animals and/or share what you’re learning with friends for their animals.

Dr. Liz is herself thoroughly trained in and very frequently suggests one or a mix of the following: flower essences including custom blends, essential oils including custom blends, homeopathy, more healthful foods, nutritional supplements, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure, Medical QiGong for Animals, Tapping for Animals, and a wide number of other energy healing approaches including but not limited to the very first ones she learned and applied to animals many decades ago: Prayer and Reiki.  She knows the energy imprints of dozens of other modalities she doesn’t do but respects and may suggest to you for your animal.  Examples include acupuncture, laser, chiropractic, and body massage.

If you’d like a coach and partner, someone to talk to and help you set up and monitor your animals’ entire holistic healing program, someone who also talks to your animal to determine your animal’s point of view, Contact Dr. Liz.

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