Do you have a spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional issue whose spiritual causations you’d like to understand? Are you starting to realize that certain situational patterns seem to be repeating in your life and they don’t seem to be helpful?  Are you becoming aware that certain sets of physical symptoms are seeming to recur? Would you like to know what your biology is trying to tell you through its expression and conditions?  Are you aware of repeating patterns of behavior that hurt? Are you wanting to change some of the unkind conversations of your mind?  Are you wondering what your path is now?  Are you feeling a sudden “pull” to be somewhere else, or to do something else, or be with someone else?  Are you feeling a major life decision needs to be made, and you’re not confident about what to do?

A conversation with Dr. Liz can help you:

  • Gain insight and awareness
  • Understand the messages of your physical body
  • Understand, get to the root of, and unblock repetitive behaviors you know aren’t serving you
  • Understand the energies you are working this lifetime and what to do about them
  • Perceive and live a more truth-full, liberating existence
  • Get beyond fear, feelings of futility about life, and negative thought forms
  • Develop more strength, love, and patience
  • Develop your intuition and receptivity to magical synchronicity
  • Experience empowerment
  • Experience effective prayer
  • Discern your personal life path and receive support for getting on it
  • Learn how to allow your innate joy to permeate your totality
  • Entrain to the sacred mystery of significantly higher levels of consciousness
  • Experience and receive the Divine healing energy that always radiates through Dr. Liz

Thousands of people report that just talking with Dr. Liz helps them feel better!

Dr. Liz brings extremely unique qualities to intuitive counseling and body scanning.  First and foremost, she gives you her full presence.  This in and of itself is often transforming.

Second, she is brilliantly intuitive.  She connects and then reads your body, mind, spirit and situation. She is given the issues coming forth for you, as well as the underling energetics, to help bring you to clarity.  Together you can then discern what to do.

Third, Dr. Liz is very experienced in helping people understand what the message of Spirit is, that’s trying so hard to get your attention and is using your biology, behavior and/or life experience to do it.  She discerns what’s happening in your life from the spiritual perspective.  She specializes in how to recognize and then help you recognize and stop repeating patterns of behavior that hurt.  She invokes Divine & Angelic Energy for Healing through Prayer, Energy Work, and Chanting Sacred Sounds, often in Wisdom Languages. You will receive extraordinary insight, gain helpful understanding, feel increased vibrational elevation and peace.

Dr. Liz believes life is not just about survival, it’s about spiritual evolution and joy!

Dr. Liz is a spiritual healer ordained through the brilliant Ron Roth. Receiving energy and counseling through Dr. Liz is a powerful experience.  Even if you don’t feel the energies yourself at first, if you have companion animals, you will notice they do.  People who have companion animals report that when they are on the phone with Dr. Liz, all their animals try to get into the room they’re in, to bask in the radiated energy.

Dr. Liz brings to her practice a delightful love of the Divine, inspired intuition, and a profound passion for the wisdom literature of many traditions, often in their original languages. Praying with her, chanting with her, meditating with her, receiving her insights, is a deeply moving and healing experience.

Contact Dr. Liz to make your appointment.  Sessions are in-person, by telephone, and by Skype.

All great spiritual masters have a sense of fun.  Here is a cartoon Dr. Liz drew over 20 years ago!

“Experience Divine empowerment and reach enlightenment!”

“The true meaning of life? Sure, just a moment!”
 The formula is Elizabeth’s and it reads: Energy = ((Matter times the speed of light) squared) and Raised to the Power of Intention
Elizabeth highly respects and has read much of Albert Einstein ‘s work.  In his last essay written shortly before his death, he expressed his belief that e=mc2 isn’t all of the “it” of the Universe. Elizabeth meditated on his essay and was given that what is missing in the famous equation is the recognition of the power of consciousness as intention energy to hold an infinite level of possibility. She received this insight … the power of Intention … decades ago and created this cartoon to represent it humorously in 1998!

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