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The more resonant we are with Ourselves and All that Is, the more intuition freely flows for us. This improves all aspects of our lives, including and particularly, our communications with our animal friends.

Free Will and Choosing Conversations
Conversations is another word for the stories that constantly run in our heads. Conversations . . . stories . . . the emotional energy we give them by believing the dis-empowering ones, run us, until we get beyond them. The conversations in our heads tell us it’s OK (or not) to get married, to get divorced, that we’re having a good time, or not. Since we are always the author of our stories, we get to (have the free will to) write and/or choose the story(ies) we tell ourselves and/or others.

We can choose stories or conversations of resonance, or not. When we choose stories of other than resonance, it hurts.

The stories we tell, the conversations we give energy to, reflect how we are managing our spiritual energy. Our spiritual energy goes where our thoughts go.

Our opportunity in the management of our energy is to get beyond any resistance we have to choosing a story of resonance. This opportunity includes recognizing first, that everything comes from God, with love; and that the God-energy is totally loving.

Along with that, we have the opportunity to decide what we think, how we feel and what we’d like to have happen. Thirdly, we get to decide what must be done, what action is appropriate (see following). It’s best to take the long view, the perspective of multiple generations of consciousness, when deciding what must be done.

Appropriate Actions for People on a Spiritual Path
Have you ever wondered exactly WHAT categories of action are appropriate for people on a spiritual path?

There are basically three, and they are all versions of love. You can JOIN WITH, you can SERVE, and you can BE FREE OF. All three “keep the energy moving” within the energetics of resonance.
JOINING WITH is the moment or moments of total alignment, total resonance, in at least one level of consciousness of whatever movement is underway.

SERVE means literally that, to serve, in total alignment, never with questions as to why something is being done, only with questions as to how the person/people would like to be served, to do, to your personal best, whatever is asked of you.

BE FREE OF means having no contact, neither joining with nor serving, even if only for a few moments; and can include moving to the other side of the street when you see someone you choose to avoid; or choosing to initiate no further contact at any time with someone; or moving, deflecting, an energy away from you.

Example: It is my personal choice to be free of alcoholic beverages. At a party recently, a very dear friend repeatedly offered me alcoholic drinks, which I repeatedly declined. I wondered at her behavior, since she knows well my preference. The insight I received was, she has a belief that part of being an exceptional hostess includes offering her guests alcoholic drinks; and that her rules about whether or not her party is a success and her guests are having a good time, includes whether or not the guests accept the proffered drinks. Since I was the Guest of Honor, it was particularly important to her that I be perceived by her as having a good time.

Sensing this, the next time she put an alcoholic drink in her hand, placed it in the air 4 inches before my face and said, “Drink this!”, I took the drink (JOINED WITH her rules about having her guests take alcoholic drinks from her); smelled the drink (SERVED, consistent with my integrity, her rule that the beverage in some way be visibly appreciated by her guests); and then, saying, “Thank you for wanting to be sure I’m having a good time,” put the drink down on the table (BE FREE OF, since it is my choice to be free of alcoholic beverages). All three actions of love, in about 2 seconds.

Resonance and Finding Your Integrity
Your integrity is not something outside of yourself. Integrity is saying “Yes” when you mean “Yes” and “No” when you mean “No.” To the degree that you are out of integrity, your biology, your spirit, your life, will suffer. Being out of integrity means saying “Yes” when you mean “No” or saying “No” when you mean “Yes” and being stuck in the discord. It means your thoughts, words, and actions, are an opportunity for alignment.

It’s an interesting fact of life, however, that we cannot ever ACT against our integrity. We can only THINK about or FEEL about our actions, in a way that either resonates with what we’re doing, or resists what we’re doing . . . which results in being OUT of the integrity of the moment, which is all there is.

It’s a little more complex than that, of course; or the management of our spiritual energy and our journey of consciousness would be far simpler than it is. We must add to this, the understanding that there can be multiple levels of integrity in any situation. Our opportunity is to find the highest level of integrity, the highest resonance, in any situation and action; and to align with it. Immediately is good, if not sooner.

Example: I was shopping with my daughter, who saw a very expensive pair of shoes.

“Mom, buy me those shoes, I want them.”

Whereas it is my Truth that I respect tremendously my daughter’s ability to put outfits together and use her clothing well, it was not my integrity to spend the listed amount on a pair of shoes that my wisdom suggested would be in service approximately 6 months.

“I think those shoes are too expensive,” I answered.

And my daughter, who knows me very well, said, “But Mom, isn’t it your integrity that I be happy?”

She’s correct, of course. When anyone you love hurts, you hurt; there’s only One here.

So I aligned with the resonance of her being happy; determined an amount of money that I resonated with as appropriate; and offered to buy her a pair of shoes in that price range, which we did. We both were happy. I was in the resonance of joining with myself in the matter of price and serving her in the matter of her being happy. She was happy, she said, because she had a new pair of shoes that would work well in an outfit she knew she would wear.

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