The following Testimonials are from over 4,000 received so far. They come in as beautiful “Thank You” greeting cards, Voice Mail messages, handwritten notes, typed letters, or emails. They cover issues for animals, people, and situations, where Elizabeth’s help has been asked for, with sometimes truly miraculous results.

When “Team” or “your group” are mentioned, the reference is to the Angel Wonder-Powers Team, a world-wide group of volunteer healers facilitated by Elizabeth since 1998.

If you have a Testimonial you’d like to share, send it to us!

Elizabeth has a Yiddishe Neshama. She is one of the most spiritually powerful women in the world. Her openness with Creator continues to grow unbounded.

Rabbi Yosef Serebryanski, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

My heart is very grateful and filled with love and respect for the work that you do. I really do appreciate all the help you gave me, that was very helpful and very powerful.

Dave Bause, Pottstown, PA

I wanted to thank you for one of the comments you made for Joan S., which they actually mentioned in her eulogy. They said that when she had mentioned to you, something about wanting to go home, you explained to her that she was home, that here on earth is part of the Universe. I used that with someone else who was struggling with a really life-threatening illness and it was very helpful for them. So I just wanted to acknowledge that and thank you for that.

Elsie Kerns, Elizabeth’s Reiki Master, Medford, NJ

Blessings, Dear Priestess, your presence was such a sweet well of wisdom, peace, and joy on our journey to the Bali Paradise.

Joan Borysenko, Best-Selling Author, Therapist, and Workshop Leader

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