Healing a Space


A one-hour Deep Healing Session oriented towards healing a space. One of the earliest uses of healing energy especially among indigenous cultures was the healing of a space. Today, we continue this ancient tradition. Think of healing a space as creating a clearing, an opening. We can heal or clear a meeting room in a building, to clear it of past arguments, disagreements, or disharmonies and encourage cooperative productive decisions and movement; and we can clear the people who are soon going to be in it. We can clear a home or any specific room in a home, such as a bedroom after divorce. We can clear an operating room a beloved will soon be in.

Dr. Liz blends her experience with ancient healing arts and modern quantum biofeedback to elevate the energies in a space, thereby transforming it. In all cases, the ultimate intent is creating harmony in the space. Use the box below to identify the space you would like cleared and healed.

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