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A one-hour telephone session with Dr. Liz. Most people coming to Dr. Liz for Coaching and Mentoring want to learn how to hear, follow, and develop their Intuition, to hear the messages of Nature, and often to hear the Voices of Nature and the Animals. Many do not yet understand the energetics of the sacred Tree of Life. All want to have themselves empowered and validated.

Fortunately, anyone speaking with Dr. Liz, is going to elevate simply by virtue of the principle of entrainment.

Dr. Liz takes a spiritual perspective for everything. She believes strongly that for you to move forward with your life goals, whatever they may be, it is most beneficial that your whole body, mind, and spirit evolve. She believes it is of ultimate importance that for persons to understand and recognize the Oneness, they must do processes, meditations and movement arts designed to establish, deepen and sustain their connection to the Oneness. This then opens the flow of intuition. She has an enormous resource of very powerful spiritual tools to help you. She has a complete program that will meet you wherever you are and take you in the direction of wherever you want to be. For more of what’s possible, go here.

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For more of what’s possible, go here.

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