Breathing for Balance (1 CD with Instructions)


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This CD introduces the Energy Breathwork modality pioneered by Dr. Liz and featured in major international publications including Massage Magazine. People report that just listening to the energy breathwork CD helps to relieve stress. Energy Breathwork cleanses the body, enhances intuition, reduces fatigue, calms the mind, and elevates the spiritual level. Some people have reported that when they play it for their animals, their animals demonstrate a noticeable improvement in well-being. They use it as a healing CD for their animals! Others have reported that as soon as they start to play it, their animals come from wherever they may be in their homes to be where it’s playing! Still others report they play it for themselves just to listen to it in their vehicles while they’re driving and feel better almost immediately!

TWO facilitated sessions are offered: the “Quick Session” of 100 Breaths, which takes about 3 minutes, and a “FULL Therapeutic Session” which is fully guided, takes about 40 minutes, and includes a chakra balancing process, vocal toning healing, and subliminal joy music.

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(includes postage and handling)

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