The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia (PDF ONLY)



Recognized World-Wide as THE Landmark Book on Its Topic. “An EXTREMELY Healing Book!”

This amazing book, parts of which have been translated into other languages, reaches far beyond its title in its scope and impact. A very healing book, it brings welcome clarity, compassion, understanding, and guidance on a very difficult time in our lives with our beloved animal friends.

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Excerpt from the book

“The powerful message from the animals is that the correct knowing for decisions on their well-being will come from the mercy of a loving and compassionate heart .. and that this deep knowing transcends language, culture, religion, and country of origin. Their message, shared in this book, includes how to hear and understand that knowing.”

Available now only in PDF format.  144 pages, w/ illustrations.

About the Cover

The animals designed the cover through Dr. Liz. “They wanted a colorful forest scene to indicate the beauty and uniqueness of all life; a rainbow to represent the transformation of essence energies to and from physical form and spirit form; and pen and ink outlines of their physical bodies, to represent their knowing that all are impermanent physical bodies in One Spirit, and, that One Spirit imbues all physical form.”

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