Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level (PDF ONLY)



A book on how to Eat for Your Body AND Your Spirit!

“Diet” always means more to Dr. Liz than the food we eat … it means everything we assimilate! Dr. Liz has found that our “diet” is EXTREMELY important in all aspects of our lives! This book simply and concisely shares decades of personal experience, experimentation, observation and belief on what to assimilate and how to assimilate it, to raise one’s spiritual level of vibration while also ensuring vibrant physical health. An unusual collaboration, perhaps the first ever, between an Ordained Spiritual Healer (Dr. Liz) and a Kabbalistic Rabbi (Rabbi Yosef Serebyranski), this book presents both individual’s viewpoints in an amusing and always clear way. Also included in this book are Dr. Liz’s now famous “Criteria for Vibrant Health,” originally introduced in an earlier book of hers, Vibrant Health: Spirit, Body, & Mind.

100 pages. PDF format only.

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100 pages. PDF format only.

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