Stories from an Animal Communicator (2-CD Set)


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A 2 CD set of delightful, heartwarming, inspiring, magical stories from one of the top animal communicators in the world! This first set of stories begins over 3 decades ago when Dr. Liz was Guided to offer her skills as a professional telepathic interspecies communicator. Having no idea what to expect, she wondered: How will animals she’s meeting for the first time feel about speaking openly with her? Will an animal ever refuse to talk to her? Will the animals continue to teach and guide her if she starts to make her living Voicing them? How will she manage the people-part of being an animal communicator?

The true stories on this 2-CD set are filled with warmth, humor, pathos, drama, and Elizabeth Severino’s love of animals and sweet appreciation of and fascination for All Life.

Exquisitely packaged, this 2-CD Set is enjoyed by people and animals alike!

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  1. James B

    I burst out laughing with some of the predicaments she got into. And I had no idea animals could be so funny or that they have such definite personalities!

    – James B

  2. Karen C

    My animals love it because it’s Elizabeth’s Voice …

    – Karen C

  3. Elizabeth Severino

    I want to be an animal communicator, and I learned SO much from listening to Elizabeth’s stories!!!

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