“Elizabeth was born connected. She was born an animal communicator with a pipeline to the Divine.” -J.G.B.

Elizabeth or “Dr. Liz” who is often frequently and lovingly called “Auntie Liz,” was considered a highly precocious child. She evidenced her passion for animals and connection with animals before she could walk. She feels being born living in woods surrounded by all kinds of animals and nature was a major influence. She revealed her gifts with language, math, geometric shapes, and logic very early on as well, entering the first grade of the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, PA, a full 2 years younger than any of her other classmates. She graduated with multiple Honors from her High School and won a full scholarship to Vassar College, where she was a Dean’s List student.

Elizabeth’s abilities with math and logic coupled with her innate abilities with languages, caught the attention of IBM in Poughkeepsie NY. She joined IBM after graduation from Vassar and served in Mission Planning and Computer Systems Architecture. She credits IBM for beginning her decades-long highly successful career in the computer industry. She was the only employee in IBM’s history to win every award a competitive analyst can win. While serving at IBM, she was asked to join what became the award-winning multi-company, multi-national, multi-university team that designed the prototype architecture blending CP/67, TSS, TSO, and the Arpanet, which altogether are now known as the Internet. (For real! She has copies of the IBM Confidential Technical Reports with her name on them to “prove” it!!!) Elizabeth’s first book was Guide to International Computer Systems Architecture.

After leaving IBM, Elizabeth served as a Fortune 300 executive (Vice President, McGraw Hill) where she won more awards, became a successful computer company entrepreneur (founder of The PC Group), was recognized as a computer wizard, and co-founded and served as the first President of The Association of Personal Computer Professionals.

Elizabeth has found a computer-based resource that mixes much of what she cares about: The Quantum Biofeedback Device. This device blends a number of her passions: computers (it’s the largest medical software program in the world), energy healing (over 1.2 million therapies, most of which work in subspace) and spirituality (it’s based on prayer energy, including the entire Tibetan prayer wheel). Elizabeth is a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist and serves human, animal, and situational clients world-wide using this amazing and extremely powerful approach through what she calls Deep Healing Sessions.

Elizabeth’s fascination with the Divine, connection to and with the Divine, all paths leading to the Divine and expressions of the energy of Grace of the Divine, in all ways, through all ways, and in all body costumes, first evidenced at a very early age. She seemed to always be able to discern the energetic and infer the intent of something a be-ing was about to communicate. She could always “hear” things others couldn’t, especially animals and nature. She feels this may be because she has always deeply felt and been able to discern the energies of sound vibration. She would later learn everything is vibration.

Elizabeth seemed to know that language shapes thought, which shapes belief, and thus shapes perception of reality. She found herself fascinated by languages: spoken languages, unspoken languages including sign language, the language of animals, the language of nature, energy languages, the language of the body, and the ancient wisdom literature languages. Wisdom languages she has studied include Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Sanskrit. As of this writing she has some skill in 16 spoken human languages. She has learned very powerful prayers in a number of wisdom languages, and offers them in her Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Healing sessions.

Elizabeth has journeyed to study with and learn from teachers, healers, priests and shamans in multiple countries. She traveled regularly to learn from the great and acknowledged mystics and Healing Saints of our time, very Special Individuals from various traditions, cultures, and religions. She spent a month in a silent meditation retreat in India. She formalized her passion for religion and spirituality by enrolling in an experimental doctoral program co-sponsored by the University of Kansas and American World University. She chose that program because her advisor would be (and was!!!) the great contemporary mystic, healer, and best-selling author, Ron Roth. She was awarded a Doctor of Religious Studies from that institution in 2000. Her dissertation on energy & prayer healing was called “excellent in every way”. She later (2002) received her Ordination as a Spiritual Healer through Ron Roth and his Celebrating Life Fellowship. Elizabeth brings everything she has learned about Spiritual Healing into everything she does.

In the early to mid-1990’s, Elizabeth felt to blend her passion for spirituality, her business knowledge and her desire to bring forth to help others. She co-founded and served as first Chairperson of The Society for Grateful Living, co-founded and served as first Executive Director of the National Reiki Association, and served as the founding treasurer of the Tri-State Holistic Health Association.

In her creative and artistic pursuits, Elizabeth is a true “Renaissance Woman.” She is a published author (6 books and she’s currently co-authoring 2 more), published poet, commercial artist whose work history includes line-art covers for IBM and other marketing magazines, a singer who performed at the Academy Ball of the prestigious Academy of Music in Philadelphia, PA, a NY-certified interior decorator who in 1989 embraced Feng Shui way ahead of the curve, an award-winning ballroom dancer, and a choreographer whose credits include two award-winning operas, Der Vampyr and Faust. She holds a fascination for peak performance and high accomplishment for which she deeply thanks her family (more on this at the very end of this essay)! She is a graduate of Tad James’ Creating Your Future Program and a graduate of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University. Most recently, in her spare time, she’s been creating N scale model railroad cars and layouts!!!

Elizabeth realized she is a healer as a result of a near-fatal boating accident, during which a miracle witnessed by 7 other people saved her life and revealed to her a sudden and deep understanding of healing and self-healing for people and animals. At the time she was the CEO of a computer consulting company specializing in the design and installation of computer networks. The ‘accident’ and the epiphany she experienced changed her life dramatically. She has subsequently studied and in many cases received certification in the Energy Therapies of multiple cultures, including but not limited to Pranic Healing (the Philippines), Yoga (India), Qi Gong Breathwork (China), Reiki (Japan), Neuro-Associative Conditioning (U.S.), Huna (Hawaii), Transformational Breathwork (U.S.) and Magnified Healing (U.S.).

Elizabeth pioneered the Energy Breathwork modality in 1997. She attributes this breathing method to increasing her intuition, reducing stress, and creating balance. The Energy Breathwork modality was presented to help all in the CD Breathing for Balance. Although designed originally to help people, purchasers of the CD frequently reported that playing it for their animals brought their animals into visibly relaxed peace.

Elizabeth started practicing Qigong in 1995 and started teaching it as part of her animal communication workshops in 1998. Her Masters include Master FaXiang Ho, Master Bruce Frantzis, Master John DiCarlo, Master Lee Holden, Master Chunyi Lin, Master Mingtong Gu, Master Robert Peng, and Master Jeffrey Chand. She is currently co-authoring a book on a QiGong form she finds incredibly powerful, created through a Qigong Master in New England. She particularly loves offering Qigong Healing and Customized Qigong Movement Programs to clients and friends. She offers distance Qigong healing sessions for people, animals, and situations.

Elizabeth’s accomplishments are chronicled in dozens of Who’s Who books nationally and internationally, including: International Leaders in Achievement and The World Who’s Who of Women, published in Cambridge England; and in the United States, 2,000 Notable American Women, Who’s Who in the U.S., Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and many more. She is the author of the books Guide to International Computer Systems Architecture, Do it Yourself Vibrant Health: Mind, Body, and Spirit, Reiki: The Healer’s Touch, Diet to Raise Your Spiritual Level, The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death, and Euthanasia, Stories of Transformation (Barnes & Noble Best-seller), and the CD’s Breathing for Balance, and Stories from an Animal Communicator.

To end on a rather funny note: Elizabeth’s amazing family is dedicated to keeping all family members humble. The family credits her many Gifts as blessings from her family genes. They happily cite the following to “prove” it: Elizabeth’s maternal grandfather’s hand-written thesis on display at Founder’s Hall at Haverford College, compared the inherent essence of truth of the world’s great religions and quoted amply from 6 wisdom literature languages he then knew fluently in 1902 way before she came along. Her paternal grandfather was fluent in 7 languages and was a being of exquisite compassion, love and grace, as was her paternal Grandmother, so she clearly got those qualities from them. Her maternal Uncle had a “deep connection to animals” and frequently performed laying-on-of-hands healing, so that’s of course where THOSE skills came from. Her birth father was a math genius and a high performance athlete, as was her mother, who was also highly artistic and a brilliant dancer, so that’s of course where THAT came from!!! The family feels her life-long passion for learning came from her being named after one of the truly great female educators in her Mom’s era, Elizabeth Forest Johnson. And they credit her sometimes wild (well, they really use the word “reckless”) sense of adventure, particularly her traveling solo to many countries and places, to her maternal grandmother, Lillian Ida Kathleen Thompson Patton, who traveled solo across North America . . . in 1911.
So, there you have her . . . Elizabeth!

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