Dr. Liz has been on National TV and Radio as well as Popular Internet Program Channels including Dream Visions 7, Talk’N’Angels, and others. She was a featured guest over 20 times on K. Scott Teeters Far Out Radio Interview Program. The YouTube link above takes you to her Channel. 

Topics are consistent with Dr. Liz’s wide range of interests and talents, and include:

Developing Intuition
Understanding Our Animal Friends
What It’s Like Being Someone Who Understand Our Animals
Do We Have Spiritual Contracts with our Pet Friends?
Do Animals Grieve? If so, How?
Is Commercial Pet Food Safe?
How can WE eat to raise Our Spiritual Levels?
Sniffer Dogs that can SMELL Illness
What food IS safe for our Dogs and Cats?
What is Computer-Based Quantum Bio-feedback?
Energy Healing for Places, Spaces & Situations
The Amazing Power of Prayer
Essential Oils: History and How to Use them for First Aid
Are Animals Non-Human Persons?
The History and Value of Shamanic Journeying
Exploring Shamanism: The Gift of Shamanic Journeying
Magnificent Animal Miracles

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