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Dr. Liz has been on National TV and Radio as well as Popular Internet Program Channels including Dream Visions 7, Talk’N’Angels, and others. She was a featured guest over 20…

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Spiritual Path

Spiritual Path The more resonant we are with Ourselves and All that Is, the more intuition freely flows for us. This improves all aspects of our lives, including and particularly, our…

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A Seeker’s Find

A Poem by Dr. Elizabeth Severino Somewhere as a Youth From Someone . . . I caught the Thought . . . "He's gone. She's gone. They're with God now," THEY said . .…

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Prayer to Let Go

A Prayer of Release and Letting Go The following prayer is based on a prayer I heard at a Ron Roth seminar on spiritual healing. It is quite similar to a…

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Effective Prayer

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth brings to her practice a profound connection with and love of the Sacred, inspired intuition, and a life-long passion for the wisdom literature of many traditions, often…

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NAMING TAMING & EMBRACING OUR DRAGONS!!! Using the Power of Humor to Heal! We all know we have behaviors that frustrate us, pull us down, make us feel less than the resourceful, happy, productive, contributory…

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