This delightful program is co-hosted by Rita and Anne of Talk’N’Angels. Listen to Dr. Liz’s magical, healing voice while she speaks about her work, does a number of live on-the-air animal communication readings from callers in multiple states, and leads everyone in a beautiful and very powerful prayer for the Earth. Elapsed time: a little over an hour.

Listener’s comments:
“Lots of cat power in that one. I was especially stirred by the first caller who relayed her experience with her beloved Grace and Bliss; it made me tearful, but grateful to hear how you handled it.”

“The prayer of decree for our bleeding planet and her suffering inhabitants was magnificent.”

“I felt quite-infilled by Spirit throughout. :)”

“Dr. Liz, I would so love it if you would do more of these … listening to your voice is amazing and I learn so much and feel so in-filled by Spirit …Thank you!” ~Crystal M.

“The happy surprise here was that even a digitized recording of your voice was enough to calm Ruby the Rotti (pictured) from barking at all the percussive fireworks around today. I know it was you, because she showed a response as soon as you started speaking, then calmed, then agitated slightly when others spoke, and calmed again when your voice returned. She paid studious attention, and then fell asleep. Once the recording ended, she agitated again. You are so for real. What a mindblow.” – NEA 


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