Using the Power of Humor to Heal!

We all know we have behaviors that frustrate us, pull us down, make us feel less than the resourceful, happy, productive, contributory people we’d like to be. These behaviors sabotage our best efforts, prevent us from becoming congruent and aligned, block us from proceeding or succeeding, and even can turn our energies against ourselves.

Lately in our chat rooms and in our counseling sessions we’ve been calling these behaviors, “Our Dragons.” . We probably HAD to have an “animal” name because most of us are animal communicators!

We’ve found that when we can identify a behavior and feel it’s hold on us, particularly its emotions; name it with a serious name to show our respect for it (and because at first we simply can’t take it with a sense of humor anyway); and then name it with a funny name, a name that is funny to us, the behavior almost immediately lessens its hold on us.
Sure, we’re literally “bringing the behavior to the light”, but it’s more than that, we’re actually embracing our dark side . . . and we’re doing it with humor . . . which helps tame the Dragon almost immediately!

We’ve also found that one person reading about another’s Dragon, can experience some of the same healing!

So, the way this page works is:
First, you identify your dragon behavior. The dragon behavior(s) you’re looking for are those that are toxic, counter-productive, non-life-enhancing. They will create an emotional “state” in you, either because you will feel you’re in a “dragon” state, or because you’ve been turned into a dragon! Almost invariably, this “state” will be one that results in judgement: either you judge another badly or harshly or you turn your psychic energy against yourself. Be sure to include the emotions you feel.
Second, give your behavior an official name, representative of the respect you hold for it and the power and perhaps distress or suffering you have experienced as a result of it.

Third, give your behavior a humorous name, a name that absolutely makes you laugh out loud when you think of it! The humorous name MUST be one that makes YOU absolutely laugh.
Dragon behavior descriptions, their serious names, and their humorous names, can be submitted for consideration of inclusion on this web-page by filling out a Contact form. Follow the format below. If you have a graphic that represents your Dragon for you, you are welcome to submit that, too, preferably as a *.gif file emailed with the subject line, “Dragon”. Once you have submitted a Dragon, you lose all ownership of it … isn’t THAT a relief???!!! Decisions on what will be included and/or edited are entirely at the discretion of the Whimsical Web-Site Designer Dragon.

Submittor: C’s Mom
Dragon Behavior: Procrastination. Too much procrastination! I hate it, I never get anything done when I want to, I stall and I hate that I stall!
Dragon’s Official Name (recognizing its importance): The Mighty Dragon of Procrastination.
Dragon Name that Makes Me Laugh: Draggin’ Fannie! It’s the Dragon of Draggin’ Fannies! LOL!
Length of time from recognition of behavior to finally being able to laugh & finding a funny name: A week.
Image: I don’t have one, but I visualize a Dragon totally obstinate, arms crossed, haughty look, with it’s butt down hard on the ground like a donkey that’s refusing to budge!

Submitter: Feline’s Mom
Dragon Behavior: Worry / Fear: Not relaxed enough in my own being I guess. Wild imagination as to what might happen and things turn out more benign that imagined.
Dragon’s Official Name: Ego The Fear Producer
Dragon’s Funny Name: BOO-Dragon
Length of Time from Recognition to Funny Naming: Years!!! Who’s counting?

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