Many who love animals and want their highest welfare and good have become quite disenchanted with the human race, seeing, perhaps correctly, that most horrific abuses of beloved animals come from (wo-)man. Yet, as we grow spiritually, we recognize that embracing our own species including ourselves is crucial to creating a peaceful world.

Dr. Liz received a profound question from a fellow animal communicator who adores animals and struggles with having compassion for humanity. Following are the original question and Dr. Liz’s incredible response.

Ginger in Colorado asks:
“I live in a very conservative area, where there is deafness to allowing animals and Earth to touch and heal. It seems to me that the closer I get to animals, the more dismayed I am by humans and I started out dismayed! I believe a lot of us are drawn to animals BECAUSE of this. I have an added personal history of being abused, being disliked for no obvious reason, and being cut out by others. Even though I treat other humans with respect, I find it is seldom returned. While I have compassion for humanity, the “one-on-one I-love-you-anyway” completely eludes me when someone disrespects me or verbally abuses me. My method of coping is avoidance, turning to animals and away from what seems like rampant mental illness in this culture. How can I increase my compassion toward humans? I understand this step is crucial to the healing of our planet and each other.”

Dr. Liz responds with

“A Letter to Ginger”
Ginger, you ask, “How can I increase my compassion toward humans? I understand this step is crucial to the healing of our planet and each other.”

It is beneficial to understand that all things animate and inanimate have the capacity to experience suffering. Threatened with burning, a leaf contracts. Water threatened with hostile vibration changes its crystalline shape. Buildings about to be imploded or exploded emit measurable stress patterns. Human animals and non-human animals threatened produce multiple, measurable, galvanic skin and other responses.

Compassion begins to increase when we realize that all that is has the capacity to experience suffering AND when, in that same moment, we feel the simultaneous arising within us, of the passionate desire to ease or end that suffering.

Compassion is just a thought/feeling away. We have the opportunity to become totally aware of all thoughts and emotions arising within us and to manage them. We can choose who and how we want to be in the world. We can take full responsibility for the energy we bring to every moment.

We can retrain our mind. Retraining our mind begins with the awareness of the mind to create conversations of judgment and separation. Catch the conversations, let them arise within, accept them, and transform them. Happily, all conversations of the mind can be changed by our decision to think something else.

It is simple to do this. All thoughts and emotions have a physiology. Upon the arising of a thought or emotion, feel it. Where is it expressing? How is it expressing? Does it feel good inside? Is it a kind, loving, compassionate thought? If so, welcome it’s arising. If not, change it. Decide not to run that physiology. Change the physiology.

It is helpful to know that a fully expressed emotion or thought takes between 15 and 90 seconds to arise, experience, and complete. If it takes any more time than that, it’s attached to a story. Perfect examples of full expression without attachment to story can be seen in young, emotionally healthy children.

Another perfect example comes to mind. Some years ago I spent a day with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I was seated in the first row of non-monks, with very clear view of him and very much feeling his compassionate presence.

An experience measured in seconds was about to change my life.

His Holiness speaks excellent English. He also always has an interpreter. At one point in his discourse, he searched for a word. When it didn’t come in 2 seconds, his trusted interpreter, sitting just behind and to the left of His Holiness, leaned forward strongly in his seat. Still, the word didn’t come. His Holiness energetically addressed his interpreter by leaning every-so-slightly left. The interpreter leaned forward ever-so-slightly more and whispered gently and firmly into the Dalai Lama’s left ear.

The Dalai Lama’s body immediately filled with an emotion I recognized instantly. But he was experiencing it in a very different way.

“Jealousy!” he delightedly exclaimed, laughing. “I’m feeling jealously because his English is so much better than mine!”

He again laughed his delightful, full-body laugh, letting the feeling of jealousy go completely. No trace left anywhere in his body-field. He was back in his spiritually balanced center.
Elapsed time: 15 seconds.

I have felt jealousy before, I remember thinking in that moment. I have NEVER felt it, witnessed it to 40,000 people, laughed with joy about feeling it, and let it go completely, in 15 seconds!
I was changed forever. There it was: my model for exactly how to “do” it.

Another simple way to return to balance after experiencing a thought or emotion is to stand erect with flexed knees, and lovingly touch the sides of the head with the palm(s) of the hand(s). Send the energy of balance. The energy flows immediately. The heart opens even more.

I offer one final comment, this one regarding your observation ” the ‘one-on-one I-love-you-anyway’ completely eludes me when someone disrespects me or verbally abuses me.”
Over the past 40 years, I have been on most of this world’s continents and have been blessed to be in the presence of some of the greatest Holy People of our time from many different cultures and backgrounds. Not one teaches to go beyond one’s spiritual ecology.

One of my greatest teachers was once asked, “Teacher, what should I do when I see a particular someone coming down the street towards me and I feel my blood boiling inside?”

The reply?

“Cross the street.”

Start from wherever you are. When you are confused, keep heading in the direction that leads towards deepening your compassion and care for all living beings, including yourself, and you will never stray far from the path.

We can take full responsibility for how we energetically show up in the world. We can choose to run the deep inner peace circuitry of compassion for self and others. We can become infilled with peace and radiate peace into the world.

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